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Moving to the north of the Kansui Park, the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama was entirely reborn as the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design (TAD). Our museum has one of the greatest art collections of the 20th century in Japan, which includes works by Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Duchamp, Pollock, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Francis Bacon. However, it is shame that this great collection has not been enjoyed fully by citizens. At TAD, the new museum, we offer more programs on “creating,” “learning about,” “playing with,” and “exhibiting” art as well as “seeing” it. We do hope that many people will experience arts and for TAD to become a networking hub for people of Toyama and art lovers.
In the Kansui Park, where 1.4 million people, mainly young people and families, visit yearly, various events are held throughout the year, and the Tateyama Mountain Range as seen from TAD is magnificent. On the rooftop of TAD, unique play equipment designed by Taku Satoh inspired by the sounds of onomatopoeia, such as “guru-guru (whirling)” and “hiso-hiso (whispering),” are installed, and a big bear, which is the museum’s symbolic sculpture by Atsuhiko Misawa, welcomes visitors. TAD becomes a very enjoyable museum well integrated with the surrounding park and environment.
Please look forward to opening of TAD.

Director Koji Yukiyama

Director’s Profile

Koji Yukiyama雪山行二

Born in Kurobe City (Unazuki Town), Toyama in 1947. Mr. Yukiyama graduated from the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Letters, the University of Tokyo in 1973 and earned his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo in 1976. After serving as a researcher at the National Museum of Western Art, he was appointed as chief curator of the museum in 1992. Then, he served as deputy director of the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in 1998, director of the Yokohama Museum of Art in 2002 and director of the Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama in 2009. After serving as advisor to the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama since September 2009, he has been serving as Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama since 2012.
His specialty is history of Spanish art, particularly specialized on Goya. He has curated many exhibitions, including “El Greco Exhibition”(1986–1987), “Pintura española de bodegones y floreros (Spanish Still-life and Floral Paintings)” in 1992, “Goya: Artista de su tiempo y artista único (Goya: his time and his uniqueness)” in 1999, The Genealogy of Romanticism : From Goya to Surrealism in 2013. His publications include ‘Velázquez’ (The Asahi Shimbun 1991) and ‘Los Caprichos de Goya – Collection of the National Museum of Western Art, World of Fantasy Prints’ (Nigensha 2001). He has jointly written ‘Museo del Prado’ (5-volume book, NHK Shuppan 1992).