Visitor Information

Tips for Visitors

  • No pets are allowed in the Museum, except for assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs).
  • No umbrellas are allowed in the exhibition zone. Please use the umbrella stand.
  • Please leave a big-sized luggage in a locker.
  • Eating (including candy and gum) and drinking inside the Museum are prohibited, except in the restaurant and the cafe.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the Museum. Please use the designated smoking areas outside the Museum.
  • Please do not touch any exhibits or showcases.
  • Photography by using cameras, video cameras, or mobile phones in the exhibition rooms is prohibited, unless otherwise specially stated.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones.
  • Use of writing utensils other than pencils is prohibited in the exhibition rooms.
  • Visitors may be refused entry if they appear intoxicated or otherwise pose a disturbance to other visitors.
  • In all other matters, please follow instructions of the Museum staff.

Photography inside the Museum

  • Photography inside the Museum is allowed in the designated areas mentioned below. However, use of flash, tripod stand, or selfie stick is prohibited at any time.
    1. Museum’s collection artworks (except loaned pieces) on display in the exhibition rooms on the 2nd floor
    2. The design collection artworks and works collected by Shuzo Takiguchi and Szymon Goldberg on display in the exhibition rooms on the 3rd floor.
  •  No photography of items on loan to the Museum is allowed due to their loan contract conditions. 
    *Photography of some artworks may not be allowed for protection of their copyrights.
  • Please refrain from copying artworks.
  • Commercial use of photographs you take in the Museum is not allowed. It is not allowed to make edition of those photographs.
  • Please note that use of images of artworks you take may constitute a violation of Copyright Laws.
  • The use of images of artworks from this website is restricted.