About TAD


2016 Name of the new museum “Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design” was decided. And, the museum’s logo mark designed by Kazumasa Nagai was announced. The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama was closed on December 28.
2015 Construction commencement ceremony of the New Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (temporary name) was held.
2014 Outline of the new museum’s basic design was announced. The first session of the Preparatory Committee for Opening the New Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (temporary name) was held. (- 2016) Outline of the detailed design was announced.
2013 Basic plan of the New Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (temporary name) was completed. Naito Architect & Associates was chosen to design a building for the new museum.
2012 The International Poster Triennial Toyama marked the 10th anniversary.
2011 “Miruzo” was decided by public as the name of the mascot character created to mark the 30th anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama.
Joint Exhibition “Three Japanese-style Painting Maestros, Kai Higashiyama, Yasushi Sugiyama and Tatsuo Takayama” was held.
2008 Exhibition “100 Years of the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, Hitome-de Wakaru! Japanese Fine Arts” was held.
2005 Exhibition “Shuzo Takiguchi Yumeno Hyoryubutsu” was held. (A joint exhibition with the Setagaya Art Museum)
2003 Upon completion of extension work to add permanent exhibition rooms on the mezzanine level, the main building of the Museum was reopened.
2001 Taiko-yama Land Furusato Gallery was opened.
1995 Following the series exhibition “Watashitachino Hekiga (our wall painting),” “Minnade Tsukuro (Let’s create together)” started to continue the educational exhibition series for local school children.
1991 Exhibition “Chairs in the 20th Century – Design In Living” was held to show the museum’s chair collection.
1990 A series exhibition to mark 10th anniversary of the Museum “Modern Art Stream” was consecutively held three times, respectively themed Toyama, Japan and the world.
1987 Exhibition “4.G.D Poster and Mark” was held. (Yusaku Kamekura, Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai, and Shigeo Fukuda)
1985 The 1st International Poster Triennial Toyama (IPT) was held.
1982 Exhibitions “Modern Japan Posters” and “The 1st Modern Art Festival – Shuzo Takiguchi and Postwar Art” were held.
1981 On 4th of July, the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Museum of Modern Art,
Toyama was held. The Museum was opened to the public on 5th of July.
The museum’s permanent exhibition “Art Stream of the 20th Century” and a grand opening special exhibition “Toyama International Modern Art Exhibition Toyama Now ‘81” were held. Exhibition “Watashitachi-no Hekiga (our wall painting)” was also held. At this annual exhibition, all of the elementary and junior high schools in Toyama Prefecture exhibited wall paintings jointly produced by their students over the period from 1981 to 1993. 
Friendship Group of the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama was founded.
1980 Construction of the museum’s building was completed. The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama was inaugurated and Mr. Masataka Ogawa became the first Director of the Museum.
1979 Detailed design of the museum was completed. Construction commencement ceremony was held.
1978 The museum’s basic architectural design was completed.
1977 The master concept of the museum was developed.
1973 A museum construction project was included in the comprehensive plan for making Toyama Prefecture better place to live in as part of the centennial project of establishment of Toyama Prefecture.