Education Programs

Art + People – Education & dissemination connect art and people. Art connects people.

TAD promotes education and dissemination activities based on three programs.

  1. 01.

    Various Activities at Exhibition Rooms, Atelier, and Gallery – “See, Create and Exhibit”

    TAD Creative Program

  2. 02.

    Museum-School Collaboration “Find TAD!” Project ~ Come to the Museum ~

    TAD School Program

  3. 03.

    Networking with local people, aiming at “Our Museum”


TAD Creative Program

Artist @TAD

This is TAD artist support program which invites artists to Toyama and provides support for their stay and creative activities for a certain period, and opportunities to exhibit their works. Works they create are exhibited at the TAD Gallery.

TAD Workshops (for adults & for children)

TAD workshops are planned and set up by artists and designers in and outside Toyama, aiming at deepening understanding of art works, as well as enjoying them, through creating and designing experiences.

Open Lab

At the Lab (in the Atelier), anyone can experience “art creation” anytime they visit.
Everyone, child or adult, can participate.

Art Circle for Adults

The Atelier is opened to adults for the circle activities. Participants can enjoy various activities as well as networking.
TAD supports museum activities as adult-oriented amusement, including art appreciation and creation and museum exploration.

TAD Preschoolers Tour

This is a gallery tour for preschoolers to support their “museum debuts.” There are many great works of art to enjoy at TAD, including a large bear sculpture and paintings by Picasso and Miro. With a curator guide, explore the museum with your family!

TAD School Program

“Find TAD!” Project ~ Come to the Museum! ~

TAD Invitation tour to experience “fun of finding in art”
TAD invites fifth graders in Toyama Prefecture with shuttle bus service. While enjoying real works of art together, children learn “how to appreciate works of art.” Appreciation methods are decided through discussion with schools. Other activities, such as easy “art creation” experience at the atelier, can be added.

Art Appreciation Lecture for Teachers

To make children’s museum experience more fruitful, our educator navigates art appreciation. Please feel free to ask us about worksheets and contents.

Educational Special Exhibitions in Collaboration with Educational Organizations

TAD continues and evolves the educational special exhibitions which had been continued without interruption since the foundation of the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, the precursor of TAD. With assistance from teachers at elementary and junior high schools, high schools and special schools, creative activities of school children are introduced at exhibitions.


Volunteers Activities

“We love TAD!” volunteers gather and enjoy themselves at work. They play a role of “bridge” to connect TAD and visitors, assisting visitors to get to know about TAD more and enjoy their visits more. Their activities warmly support TAD.

Museum-School Collaboration / Training at Museum


Collaborative Projects with Local Organizations