Past Exhibitions

Meow! Cats Walk in the World of Picture Books

January 29 - March 6, 2022

This exhibition focuses on cats overflowing with personality that appear in picture books.
Visitors can see original paintings and related materials from picture books, amounting to about 250 items on display from 15 pairs of authors and artists, ranging from well-known picture-book authors to young up-in-coming artists.

When we look at the original drafts (and sketches) that artists worked with directly, we find that the smudges, bleeds, and brilliance in color create depths that cannot be recreated in print, and we can also catch a glimpse of the artists' creative processes not found in the finished works, including handwritten notes and partially revised areas.
Please come get a sense for the appeal and richness to be found in picture-book expressions, and appreciate picture books in a way that differs from when reading them, all while enjoying some leisurely, laid-back time with cats.

The venue features a "cat post" where visitors can send messages to authors, a picture-taking area and workshop space, as well as a picture-book section where visitors can read the works on display.

【Featured authors】
100%ORANGE | Machida Naoko | Sasameya Yuki | Segawa Yasuo | Kikuchi Chiki | Aki Bingo | Baba Noboru | Nishimaki Kayako | Ishiguro Ayako | Kataoka Mamiko | Hans Fischer | Kato Yasumi | Makino Chiho | Kimura Yoshio | Daido Aya


Period January 29 [Sat.] - March 6 [Sun.], 2022
Opening Hours 9:30 AM-6:00 PM [Last admission is 5:30 PM]
Closed Wednesdays [Except national holidays] and February 24 [Thu.], 2022
*Open on February 23 [Wed.], 2022
Admission Adults 900yen [*700yen], University students 450yen [*350yen], Advance ticket 700yen
  • If used on the same day of admission, visitors can also use their entry tickets for this exhibition to attend the Collection Exhibition.
  • If used on the same day of admission, visitors can also use their entry tickets for this exhibition to attend the Collection Exhibition.
  • Free admission both to collection exhibitions and special exhibitions for the following visitors.
    1. Children, students [elementary, junior high or high school students, etc.]
    2. Persons escorting children/students for school activities or social activities. [Submission of admission free application is necessary.]
    3. Disabled people with a physical disability certificate.
  • Advance tickets are available from November 28 [Sun.], 2021 to January 28 [Fri.], 2022.
Venue 2F exhibition room 2、3、4
Organized by Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design | THE TOYAMA SHIMBUN | Toyama Television Broadcasting Co., ltd

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