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Image Request Application Form

To request the images, please indicate your agreement to the terms of use and submit an application form below to the museum.
*Please note that provision of the images may be charged or may not be available depending on the nature of the request.

Terms of Image Use

  • TAD provides the publicity images to publications, broadcasts (programs) and websites only for press coverage which publicizes information about TAD and/or exhibitions at TAD. In press coverage on exhibitions at TAD, information about exhibition title, period and venue must be included.
  • For press use of the TAD publicity images, each of the images must be published/displayed with its caption and credit.
  • All the images must be used in whole. As well, in laying them out, please be careful not to cut images of artworks, or to lay caption letters over the images.
  • Please do not lay any other design elements over/across the TAD logo mark/logo type, or to trim off blank space of the TAD logo/log type.
  • Secondary use of the requested images for media other than the applied media is prohibited. (Prohibited use: e.g. use for cover image of a publication or advertisement materials) For republication or rebroadcasting of the requested images, an application must be made separately.
  • For confirmation of basic information and use of images, please send your proof copy to the Publicity Team of TAD by facsimile or e-mail.
  • When a publication/broadcast/website in which the images are used is published/aired/completed, please provide the published newspaper/magazine, the aired program DVD/CD, or URL of the website to TAD.

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